Two things to make Bangs much better

Two pieces of feedback regarding bangs:

  1. If I just type a bang with no content, e.g. !dnd, it shows the search results for “!dnd”. On DuckDuckGo, doing this would take you directly This is the preferred behaviour.
  2. Bangs aren’t region-aware. I am in the UK. If I type e.g. “!am socks”, it will take me to - the US Amazon website. On DuckDuckGo, it would take me to - automatically taking me to the UK Amazon website. I know that I can just type !amuk, but !am is shorter - and why should the US site be the default? US-centric thinking is bad.

@Ultra_HR thanks for reaching out.

  1. On my end, I do get the behavior you’re describing. If I type in !dnd sword I’m directed to the following page:
  2. I’m actually not sure about how bangs work with respect to region — let me reach out to the Search team about this for more info.

Search team says that they have region detection for bangs on the todo list so you should expect to see this functionality in future versions.