Two suggestions


Is it possible to automatically remove cookies everytime you close the brave browser for the android phone.

Also, when you choose to delete all cookies when you close Brave, it can get quite annoying to press the " I accept cookies" message over and over again. Can you build in an option to block these messages the same way this app does?

For a slightly faster and less annoying browse - behind the scene/automated response

Hi @Kamphuijs you and I are seeing eye to eye on by far one of the most annoying issues during a browse.
Perhaps there should also be a way to combine similar and related issues together for @brave community to become less bloated as more and more users switch.
Anyway, here’s what I suggested, in my opinion it would seem better if it was natively done so fixes can be quickly made and more efficient on the system overall. For a slightly faster and less annoying browse - behind the scene/automated response


cc @Serg for comment. :slight_smile:


We are going to implement that


@serg do you mean @Kamphuijs suggestion or mine because it looks like that issue has be fixed and it remains open in gituhub. Can I also add that can the developers link the originating request link on github as well so you guys can read on further agreed upon improvements.


@Numpty I meant @Kamphuijs issue with Android browser. Do you mean a laptop? Thanks.


Brave is available for the Android phone TOO? Oh boy! The fun just keeps coming, doesn’t it? I’ll get that download right away and install it. Is it yet available in the Google Play Store, or do I need to download it from another website? Information, please, I can’t wait to try it on my Smasung Galaxy S4 I just bought from the local Cricket store. While I’m here, I would like to ask a question: Are popular editing features (such as “cut”, “copy”, and “paste”) supported by the Brave browser? If so, how do I operate those features, and where are the controls for them? If not, do those functions present security risks that need to be managed in some way? Gentlemen, if I may, I would like to offer my help in some small way to develop this browser. I have no programming skills whatever- none. However, back from September 1980 until August 1985, I worked in the Engineering Services department at the Rockford, Illinois Plant 6 location. My job was qualification testing of avionics hardware. This position involved testing samples of our product by operating it in environments identical or similar to the actual ones encountered by our product while mounted on an airframe. This was interesting, challenging work, and I loved my job. There was much technical writing and reporting involved, and I’m not half bad at it, even if I’m a little slow (my boss hounded me about deadlines all the time). My fatal flaw is my obsessive compulsive personality that compels me to get everything PERFECT, come hell, high water, or an angry boss. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree from Grove City College with a major in Electrical Engineering, class of 1977. My studies included a smattering of computer programming instruction and experience. I did not like writing computer programs for the IBM 1130 computer, and I resented the professor who instructed us in computer programming- I regarded his instruction method as careless and sloppy (Oh boy, can I ever tell you stories about Robert Trusal “the Waug” Waugaman, who of late, I believe, has retired from my alma mater. God bless him, wherever he is. I guess every engineer needs professors everybody loves to hate!). We wrote and ran programs in Fortran, applying them to problems assigned to us during our other science and engineering classes. I would give my eyeteeth now to learn more about programming computers. In fact, my alma mater is just down the road from where I now make my home (the weird, wonderful little town of Greenville, Pennsylvania- great fishing in the Little Shenango river that runs right through town). Thiel college is right here in town, and Westminster college (where my elder sister and my Uncle Bob’s kids- hi, Mark and Allysen!- earned their degrees) is a hop, skip, and jump away south of Mercer. Not only that, Allegheny college is just a stone’s throw away in Meadville, PA. I go to Meadville from time to time on personal errands (a friend told me last night about clothes shopping opportunities there). My typing skills are rusty, but improve with practice. I graduated magna cum laude in 1977 and that speaks for itself. I was forced to “retire” from my engineering job in 1985 due to personal problems for which I have and am now receiving treatment- that work is ongoing. Occupational therapy does me worlds of good, and perhaps this form of therapy, managed well, might yield benefits for all of us. When assigned enough space to accommodate my problems and quirks, and yet challenge me to meet the demands of those who do not have my problems, I can grow to be an even better, more useful person.
Well, that’s my rather rambling sales pitch. My resume and credentials will be forwarded upon request. Please gentlemen- I’ve got nothing to lose and much to gain by working with you, if I may.
Scott Laverne Magee
62 Stewart Avenue Apt 201
Greenville, PA 16125

P.S. I work cheap- compensation, if any, can be negotiated. Working from home costs me very little (I’m sitting at my desk in a pair of old terry racquetball shorts- remember those?) My webcam will provide a picture for your security, and please give me a minute to put in my teeth (another personal story). A shave, shower and visit to my clothes closet will get me dressed in the suit my brother gave me. I’ll report to work at the hours you set, and work overtime at my home location. I’m on fairly good terms with my neighbors (I’m a divorced guy and they are three fairly unattached women- I sometimes cook food for all of us). An activity that keeps me productively and QUIETLY occupied will be a boon for all of us.
There you have it. What do you say?


For the second suggestion, they have already added it to the browser development, thanks to me.

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