Two row Tab listing

This is for desktop: Is a two rowed tab listing possible?
Or better: First row shows group tabs only, second row shows up just tabs containing in the selected group.

This would clean up the tabs handling enormously. I’ve got so many tabs opened and it’s very hard to get along. The group tabs do not help that much as it all is squeezed with all other pinned and opened tabs, which is hard to differ then.

Yes this is a required feature. And I think someone has posted this request previously also.

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Was searching but did not found. But cool, that it’s required already!! Any forecast? :slight_smile:

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I think our feature-requests do not do anything .Anyone not replying to it even if it is required.
Don’t you think so?
By the way as you said that you searched for it but didn’t find it; the same happened with me I searched now only but didn’t find any feature-request regarding this But I think I had seen this feature-request some time ago So unmark my reply as solution.
Well do you know programming ;If so then you can implement this feature yourself and then it will be merged to Brave main repository so try or hope.
Basically I like Microsoft Edge more than Brave it’s look, it’s features and it’s feel but switched to Brave for privacy reasons. Brave has better privacy But Edge has all of the above things except Privacy.
Thank You.