Two PCs, BAT overwritten?

PC1 I had 108 BAT, PC2 I had 74 BAT.

I created my uphold account and verified on PC2. Uphold eventually updated to reflect my 74 BAT.

On PC1, I verified the wallet there as well, Uphold never got updated with the 108 BAT from there.

On PC1, I restarted the browser, now the browser updated to reflect the 74 BAT that Uphold shows. No longer shows 108 BAT.

Where’d the 108 BAT go that I had on PC1 before linking to Uphold?

Can you check your transaction history and confirm that you didnt auto-contribute or tip the BAT anywhere?
Additionally, can you share a screenshot of:

  • Your Rewards Settings page on PC 1
  • Your Rewards Settings page on PC 2
  • Your Uphold Brave Browser card balance

Where can I see the transaction history?

PC1 Settings Page -

PC2 Settings Page -

Uphold - I moved the BAT to BTC, but here are the two transactions that came in (the 74BAT) -

Hi @d_already. It’s most likely an expired grant that accounts for the differences in balances here. BAT Grants are never deposited into your Uphold account.

Thanks for the response. It’s not a huge deal to me, but it just seems odd that I would a) have a grant for 34 (the only grant I’ve seen was 20 on mobile) and b) that it would coincidentally expire those 34 the same day I connect my 2 PCs to Uphold.

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