Two months without ads - ads issue

Hello, I have just read some topics about this sissue, but I can’t find solution. I have used Brave Browser on PC, tablet and mobile phone from one year, but from two months I haven’t seen any ads. I set up 5 Ads per hour. Otherwise I don’t see “Notifications & actions” in my “Settings” (.jpg below). I live in Poland - it’s supported region. Could someone help me? Best Regards :slight_smile:

same here. I’m waiting for a response too

Try this if its for Windows 10. It was the Ben Kennish’s Web Site stage that fixed my rewards issue.

cc @litibru

Hi @HarryHaller and @litibru
As @Willy123 said you can try going to, and forcing the notification to pop up.

Also, you can try the link below to troubleshoot the problem:


After uninstalling and reinstalling Brave now the “the brave rewards server is not responding”

@litibru, can you try reconnecting your Uphold account. Click on the BAT triangle icon to the right of the URL bar.

Hello @HarryHaller

I have a problem very similar to your post

It is not the solution but maybe it could provide more clues to the support team

Please try to open another Brave profile.

It will open a new window with a new profile, so I recommend that you use it with both profiles open and check if it shows you ads in the second profile (you identify them by the color of the circle)


I repeat this is not the solution of the problem

But you can rule out that it is a windows configuration that is causing the problem

@Aa-ron Another thing that I observe differently between one profile and another is the following

image image

In the profile that currently no longer shows me ads does not show me the history of the ads received in the month, if you look I received 18 but I can no longer see the history. maybe this is not a mistake as the history is only 7 days

But then why in one profile does it show me ads and in the other does not?

I hope my answer is within the topic and if not, you indicate me to open a new post

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Obviously this does not solve 100.

The following happens to me: I have 3 profiles in Brave, 1-Default, 2-Profile2, 3-Profile3

In the default profile it only shows me etoro ads
In profile 2 and 3 it shows me ads as it normally does

I have a doubt…

If I don’t contribute automatically, will they no longer show me ads?

Hi, I have still the same.

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