Two months rewards not processed properly

For the past 2 months rewards have not processed correctly. With ~16 BAT (frozen there for 2 months, not earning more) pending, April did not pay anything, and then carried over to May. May is pending .13 BAT and the balance sits unrewarded. I have been verified and receiving for more than a year. Always on the most current browser version for Mac OS and iOS devices. I am not using the VPN and all activity is in the USA. I have turned rewards off for a day or two, and then back on. Same with auto-contribute and tips… thoroughly perplexed. Any thoughts/assistance is appreciated. :love_you_gesture:t3:

You could try to unlink-relink your exchange, in this way you’ll find if your account it’s flagged.

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Yes, I am flagged, and don’t know why… Thanks for the heads up. I guess I sit and wait? UGH

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