Two months fo rewards "there", but not shown anywhere

Hey everyone, so im new to brave since two months and if its already solved in another topic, im sorry in advance. so far i couldnt help me further.
So im from germany and in terms of brave this already sucks, im not able to verify my wallet and im really hoping there is a solution for this on the line.
But this isnt my actual issue, but maybe its linked.
So if i understand correct, the rewards should atleast transfer in that wallet, even if i cant verify it, is it right?
So im getting the banner saying: click here, your rewards are here. actually im having two already saying it :smiley: (one for november and one for october)
but i cant click that, no functional link behind that and my wallet says 0,00 for the last two months.

So i would like some sort of advice and help, for clearing some confussion or fixing the problem. The later one i would prefer.


Hi @krabjack next time use the subcategories and fill the template.

What kind of device are you using?

ok, thanks. will do it next time :wink:

its pc, win 10

Ok, unfortunately I don’t have an unverified wallet to test it myself.

Ask I remember it, after clicking in the “claim” button a type of catcha appears, were you have to drag the bat symbol to a triangle shaped area.

My wallet have been verified for almost a year -verified wallets don’t have to do this, so I don’t know if it is still the same for unverified wallets


maybe a screenshot helps.
am i collecting dysfunctional claims for every month now?
vanish the bat’s at some point?

i mean it seems many people have this kind of trouble. really no clear fix for that on the horizon?

@krabjack, just remembered I saw somewhere in the forum that sometimes the zoom on the browser or the resolution set on your screen can cause malfunctioning of the catcha… maybe is not your case, but I think you’ll lose nothing for trying.

ultimately, this is my last recomendation:

first of all, thanks johndproof!
already saw something familiar and tested it, no change.

no its steeven time to shine…

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