Two major problems


After using brave for a while and ignoring its imperfections i have now gotten annoyed. I’m experiencing two major problems, i have recorded them so you better can understand.
One is that brave stops responding completely and you can’t do anything. link:Problem nr1
The other is that everything gets blurry, this one is very common. link:Problem nr2
I’m not sure if i’m the only one experiencing these bugs but i’m getting really tired of it. Will this be fixed soon so i can continue using brave. I can’t deal with this much longer :frowning:


EDIT: Fixed links, spoilers didn’t work as suspected.


The 1st issue is under investigation and will be fixed soon.

I’m not sure what the issue is on the 2nd one. Could you elaborate it please?


The problem is that for some reason all the content gets blurry. You can see the problem in the video but i’ll link screenshots as examples so you can better see.

EDIT: It usually occurs when i have many tabs open and it’s not fixed by restarting brave.


Hi @hugotrygg

I found a github issue for the blurry screen, it can be found at the link below. I’ve added your information to the issue. I’m going to leave this thread open so if more information is determined it can be added here or to the github issue directly. Thanks for reporting!!

cc: @suguru


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