Two main questions about Brave Brows:Rewards system and Product Experience

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I have invested in Crypto for 3 years and like exploring new Dapps. Today i installed Brave Explorer for half a day, and found two questions that need devs to answer.

First, I have watched two private ads just now, and i found no rewards in my wallet. And i read the introduction carefully and found it ambiguously showes that it take month as a settlement interval. That ruined my blockchian experience that settlement should on chain immediately. The long-term (natural month) feedback cycle voilates the blochchain spirit.

Pic2 shows no rewards clealy.
Second, the browser experience is close to Chrome and must use Chromium as its kernel, with all due respect, Edge has better experience than Chromium Kernel right now. If Brave Browser is just a Chrome with some web3 function, from the products experience, it is hard to compete with Chrome and Edege.

Thus, the rewards function and products experience are two primary obstacles which Brave go on its way to make it. And i will continue to keep an eye on it and wish it to be successful.

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If you are receiveing ads you are lucky. I haven’t seen ads since August.

Settlement has nothing to do with blockchain capability. There is no immediate settlement. Ad rewards get sent once per month.

Microsoft Edge is also using Chromium kernel.

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