Two Issues - Trying to import from Firefox crashes Brave and Toolbar settings not saved after browser closes


I’m going down the Preferences list before I do a full switchover to see if Brave will work as my everyday browser.

In the order that items are listed on the General Preferences page, I set the Toolbar to show favicons only and slide the switch to always show. Nothing changes, but I figure that’s just because I’ve only started using Brave, so there’s nothing to show on a toolbar. Still, I’m a bit surprised that there’s not at least a blank bar showing.

Next, I tell Brave to import my Firefox settings. I’m currently using Safari as my main browser, with Firefox as my backup. Firefox is completely closed, and I set it to import everything (I should test importing each section by itself, but haven’t tried that yet). Brave closes and I get the following error message:

I try importing from Firefox several times, just in case, but have the same result each time. And each time I reopen Brave, my Toolbar settings are reset, while all the other settings are saved. I even try setting the toolbar settings, closing the Preferences page, reopeining the page, and then trying to import from Firefox, but although the settings are saved when closing and reopening, they reset as soon as Brave crashes (which is why I’m listing these two issues together in case they’re linked somehow).

I’m using Brave on a 2015 MBP running High Sierra 10.13.3 if that makes a difference.


Same problem Just installed Brave a few days ago. It crashes when trying to import Firefox data (I really only have 50 or 60 bookmarks and a handful of passwords), and the Toolbar shows only a thin blank strip. Addresses cannot be dragged to the Toolbar, and the program resets itself every time it crashes.

I see many other topics discussing the same problem. One would think this would be a priority, considering they offer to import for you. I am on the latest general release of Windows 10 (no more beta testing for me).

A shame, because it looks like the browser I would want to use. Firefox has continued to get bloatier and slower, even though they insist it’s faster and better. Ha. But any browser that has major flaws right from the get-go is not going to cut it for me. Sorry, Brave… fix yourself.


Some interesting news. I tried importing FF data by selecting only bookmarks, then cookies, then passwords, then history. I was successful at everything except cookies. And a side effect was that the Toolbar now had an entry (imported bookmarks, lol), so I can now drag address icons onto the bar.

This points out other shortcomings: the Toolbar icons, unless you’ve turned off text, will ALWAYS show text even if you delete that text. IE: I have many Toolbar shortcuts, and some need only the icon, not text, to be recognized. Others need the text. But if I delete the text using the Edit function, Brave simply re-adds the whole address. Duh.

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