Two issues, maybe related: Closing random tab closes browser and Tumblr crashes browser


Issue 1:
After the last update Brave randomly closes when I close a random tab. So this time, as I am typing this, the entire browser closes if I close my Twitter tab. Last night it was a WIki page that shut the whole browser down, but I could close Twitter, so it does seem to be random.

Issue 2:
Every time I log into Tumblr the entire browser shuts down when I am finished typing my password and hit Enter.


@Captain_Snailbeard we just hotfixed issue #2. If you could update to 0.16.9 and confirm, I’d be much obliged.

Issue 1 sounds more like a crash. We’ve fixed a few underlying issues with the hotfix, but some details on your system and steps to reproduce might be helpful.

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I am already using version 0.16.9 and it crashes Tumblr.


Oh and I forgot:
This means the problem with Tumblr STARTED with that hotfix for me. And the random closing of the program, as well.

I cannot “reproduce” it, or rather I cannot NOT reproduce it. As I said there is no specific page that causes it. As of right now it is the tab that contains this very forum that crashes the entire Brave browser if I try to close it.


@Captain_Snailbeard Could you try backing up your profile by following the steps mentioned here. And then create a new profile on 0.16.9 and check if the issue happens on the same Tumblr forum?


Okay… Tumblr spontaneously started to work the second time I restarted my computer that day. No update made in the browser nor any action taken by me. I consider this solved.

The tabs still do close the whole browser down but I have found a pattern: It’s a tab where all content has not loaded yet. If I just wait until every content on the page has loaded, I can close the tab without it shutting down the whole program.

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