Two issues in two webpages


I try to use brave on windows 10.
I find two problems on two different webpages.

  1. On brave community when I try to open window for writing new topic, I was unable, though I disable all shields. The message I received is “Composer was opened without a draft key” and no frame opened to write the issue.

  2. Second issue I face while opening a research article in PDF file on IEEE website. The brave browser does not open any PDF file in IEEE webpage, though I disable all shields. It only allows to save file without opening in browser, as shown in the following figure.

I hope these two issues shall be handled in Brave for windows.




Thanks for reporting @nagnapk.

Can you give Steps To Reproduce for your first issue? Like:

  • Open
  • Click + New Topic button in top-right

For your second issue, it’s logged in the link below and I added your comment as +1.

Thank you,

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