Two important keyboard shortcuts aren't working


Just got Brave yesterday and I loooooove it. But I’ve discovered that two keyboard shortcuts I use on the regular don’t work (I’m on a Mac): Ctrl + command + space, which normally brings up the emoji keyboard, and command + K, which inserts a link into highlighted text (when you’re in an editable field).

Do those shortcuts just, like, not work in Brave? If so that’s a shame, 'cause I really like this browser but I can’t go without these two shortcuts. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Some suggestions for keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl+cmd+space works in the URL bar for me, but not in text fields. This is important because it’s not just for emoji; people use it to enter things like math symbols and punctuation.


I’ve found the same. Works in the URL bar, but not text fields. I didn’t realize how often I used the shortcut until it wasn’t working in Brave.


I use the emoji shortcut all the time on my mac and the lack of functionality for the ctrl + cmd + space shortcut is the only thing stopping me form making Brave my primary browser. Please add this functionality! :slight_smile:

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