Two finger functions are not working

Two finger function in some sites/apps is not working

  1. Google maps zoom function by two finger scrolling up and down not working. Instead regular scrolling
  2. Whatsapp web scrolling function on left windows is not working while on right windows is normal

Expected result:
Using Chrome both functions are working normally

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Versie 1.0.1 Chromium: 78.0.3904.108 (Officiële build) (64-bits)

Additional Information:

Will it work on Brave while browsing incognito? If so, an extension might be the culprit. Also retry after resetting Braves settings.

Hi Thommes,

Yes, it worked using incognito. And after I did it using incognito, it works now using normal browsing.
I will do several test before closing this.

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Let me share my experience on this.

I have reproduced the problem, the function is not working again. It happens after I rebooted my computer and started Brave. Two fingers function for both normal and incognito are not working.
Did several restart Brave and/or restart computer, no changes.

For your information, two finger functions which are not working is as follow:

  1. Google Maps: scroll up and down --> zoom in and zoom out
  2. Whatsapp: scroll up and down in left windows, scrolling in right windows is working normally.
  3. Telegram: scroll up and down in left windows, but scrolling in right windows is working normally.

Appreciate if someone can share how to solve this problem.

Back to Chrome …

@adaryanto sorry to read this. Again, try it inside an incognito-window. If it works there you should check your extensions.

In a regular window, head over to brave://extensions and switch all your extension to disabled. Check the behavior. Will it work, re-enable your extension one by one, with a shot check in between. So you’ll be able to identify the extension(s) wich gives you trouble.

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