Two different files when downloading Brave from Google Ads or using direct link?

Hi, I have a doubt. I searched Google for “brave download”. The first link was a paid ad.

The first time I have clicked it I could see it redirecting and after that I was on I have downloaded Brave and the .DMG contains the name ben222 (brave-browser-BEN222.dmg).

It was strange to me because I had download it directly from Brave website and the package did not contain BEN222 on its name.

I searched again on Google for “brave download” and besides the shown URL was I have first passed trough and after that I was on

What makes me confused was that the both files I have downloaded from Google Ads had the name BEN222 on it, and it is 8Mb bigger than the brave-browser.dmg I have download using the direct link. Could you explain to me why this? Is it safe to use BEN222 file?


Then BEN222 is someones referal code – essentially, they pay to get their referal download/code pushed up in Google search results. If the download came from a google ad in that way, you should be perfectly safe. If you have any reservations, simply go to our official website and download the file.