Two cookie handling bellyaches

Listed together to make it easy to track, and because a developer who could help with one is probably the right person who could help with the other.

  1. “Sites that can always use cookies” – Clicking the trash can does not work. I’m aware of the workaround, but this is an annoying bug.

  2. Clearing cookies on exit – No method of making a few specific exceptions. In this case the workaround is outside the browser. Configure Brave not to clear at all and use CCleaner or something similar.

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Can you provide a link or explain the workaround? I have two sites that I cannot delete. I’ve tried the “go to site and re-enable shields” and an “open duplicate in new tab, enable/disable shields” and one or the other worked for everything except those two that I can’t figure out how to delete. Is there something else out there I could try that I missed?

P.S. The trashcan not working really, really bugs me too!

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