Two computers, same settings, Brave looks different

Two Computers, same operating system (MacOS 11.2.3), same Brave settings, same Brave version 1.23.75

-On one computer, the Brave Homepage/Dashboard only has the gear icon shown, and when I open it I get options to change the background image etc (see screenshot)

-On the other computer the Brave Homepage/Dashboard has multiple options (see screenshot); however, I can’t customize the background image.

Why are they different, and how do I make them the same?

Thanks for reaching out.
I’m admittedly confused here – the first image appears to be from a mobile device? Further, whether mobile or not, that menu/those options are not part of the browser. It looks like you have some sort of NTP extension installed in the first image and you’re accessing/viewing the settings for the extension.

The second image is what you should see on both computers. Can you share a screenshot of the new tab page from the computer in image one ?

Sorry for the late reply, but to your questions:

  1. Both images are from computers running MacOS 11.2.3., not mobile devices.
  2. Attached is the screenshot of a new tab on the MacBook Air
  3. Also attached is a list of my Extensions on the MacBook Air

Can you please try creating a new, temporary browser profile and see if you get the same NTP when using that profile?

Here are screenshots from the iMac:

  1. Screenshot of a new tab
  2. Extensions installed.

When I created a new Profile on the iMac it looked the same as the existing one. When I created a new Profile on the MBAir, it did NOT look like the existing one, but in fact looked like the iMac. ?

Right – both machines should look roughly the same. In your main profile on your MBAir, there is something – my money is still on one of your installed extension or cached data from an old extension – that is altering the way your NTP is being displayed. This is why it looks the way it should when you launch a fresh browser profile – there’s no data, extensions, history etc contained in it.

In your main profile, if that does not work, I would recommend disabling all your extensions – I notice that you have at least one different extension between the two devices (Bonjurr), are there any others? After disabling, restart the browser and check to see if the NTP still appears incorrectly.

I would also try clearing your browsing data (Menu --> History --> Clear browsing data) if the above doesn’t work to start and see if this has any effect. On the Clear browsing data window, I would recommend selecting Cookies and site data and Cached images and files) to start.

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