Two brave bugs since last update


Two bugs I have ran into:

  1. This hasn’t been fixed and probably will never get looked into since it’s been 3 weeks from my last case:
    Fullscreening on ANY video whether youtube, facebook, streaming services/netflix/amazon/hulu does not work! It turns screen black. Tested with hardware acceleration off/on, flash on/off, removed brave completely and reinstall - still does not work!

  2. Tabs show extremely lengthy load times only to open a website if you open a new tab.
    Point to, google wont load until a new tab is opened
    FOR all and any website on my platform


Hi @Johno

Could you please provide information for both issues as per the post below so I can try to reproduce?



Hi Lauren,

The full screen issue is being looked into. There’s a github ticket out there somewhere.

For point #2. I haven’t used Brave since I raised these, so I wouldn’t be able to reproduce them anymore. We can ignore that for now.


Thanks @Johno

I’ll close this thread and if you have additional information please open a new one.

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