Two annoyances that render Brave unworthy

Just installed and customize Brave-- but two major annoyances remain-- continual nagging to import bookmarks at top of page with no way to get rid of the bloody thing, and 2-- continua; nagware to install various google software on every site visited-- again, no way to turn this off.
I don’t want ANY googleware-- last thing I want is a browser that is a proponent for it

1.) The import bookmark thing goes away in a couple of days. Yes it nags at first and everyone gets irritated due to it, but it does away. As far as I know, every single browser does it, to make their own browser replace their old browser.

2.) Is it asking to download and install google translate? If so, go into brave settings-> Languages->Turn Off ‘Ask to install google translate’.

Ack. It doesn’t for me. Stays up in perpetuity on all versions of Brave for me. Had a discussion about this in another topic. You can use ctrl-shift-b to hide the bar. That’s what I do now that I know about it. lol

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