Twitter X will often not load

Firstly, I should say that I typed ‘Twitter’ in the title for two reasons, the URL is still and the term ‘X’ is too short to be searchable on here.

The problem I have is that at least half of the time, Twitter’s homepage (or any other) will not load at all. I don’t even get an error page, the page load progress bar just stops as per the attached screenshot with the current page’s URL (the screenshot is after about ten minutes of attempting to load the page) but this also happens trying to load Twitter from a blank page. This occasionally happens with other sites but nowhere near as often as with Twitter.

Of course, I tried other browsers before posting to eliminate my internet connection and it isn’t happening with any other browser at the time it is affecting Brave.

Sometimes it is a minor annoyance because it takes a few attempts to get on Twitter but at the time of posting, I have been unable to get on for about an hour with many attempts.

I’m on a 12" iPad Pro 2nd Gen with iPadOS 17.4.1.

Can you try disconnecting from the VPN and test to see if Twitter loads normally?

I had to wait until it happened again for more than just a short while then disable the VPN, reconnect to my WiFi and reload the page and then try to open Twitter/X - half expecting it to work okay. However, as can be seen from the enclosed screenshot, I had the same problem with the VPN disabled - plus Shields down so that the BBC can ‘remember’ what local news to give me.

I should have added that it seems to happen more often when I am navigating from the BBC News website but that may simply because whilst I don’t always navigate to Twitter/X from the BBC News site, I usually navigate from the BBC News site to Twitter/X, if the distinction makes sense.