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Description of the issue:
In twitter, videos are really slow, like framed. And in duolingo when you have to say at loud a phrase microphone dont catch the sound and the phrase goes wrong.
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Thank you for reaching out. Apologies for the late reply – since you posted this we’ve updated to v0.64.75. First thing to do is to update to the latest version.

Can you tell me what Operating system you’re using?
Testing on my end using macOS (Mojave - latest) on Brave Release, I get the following results.

Twitter: Testing on my end shows video playback running as intended – no slowdown (if video looks choppy its due to the screen recording tool I’m using.

Duolingo: I’m unable to test – I’d have to work through the lessons for a while before I hit one that requires mic usage. That said, does the mic work at all? Or is it just sometimes that it doesn’t catch the phrase?

hi! thanks for your reply,
im using w10, in chrome i have none of the issues said before.
I updated and still got the choppy videos on tw (duolingo cant test)

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Have you tried reproducing either of these issues with Shields down? If not, test and see if it makes any difference in performance.

Tested in stable and beta, via my twitter stream. Seems fine here. video played at normal speeds, with Sheilds on. and with/without Ubo enabled. No other tabs or apps or processes using the cpu?

Actually dug around and found that this is apparently a known issue:

I’ve added your reports to the thread on your behalf and will try to get some developer eyes on it as it seems to have gone a bit stale.
Appreciate your patience.

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