Twitter Technical problems in Brave

Hello Brave. I wrote before about giff loads for twitter posts dumping the user out of the tweet being written, and you fixed that. Well done.
An additional tech problem still needs attending please, if you would be so kind?
When writing a tweet and attempting to add a giff, the typing is very difficult. I have to type one letter, then pause and wait before typing another letter, this continues for each letter you (as in me) attempt to type. It is like watching paint dry, guys, trying to type in a phrase to search for a giff.
This is a kind, informational point, I make to assist Brave to be improved.
I am sick, so finding time to write to you is hard. I was hoping some others users might have brought it to your attention, or that you may have gotten on to it yourselves because, I would find it prudent, that tech support chevk how social media sites get checked for how they run in Brave.
I love Brave. Brave are great!
This difficulty has caused frustration though?
Cheers, in advance for your attention. My sickness has me flat out busy trying to save my life & my dog from a parasite that is eating me alive! Western Australian Health Authorities refuse me treatment (Fiona Stanley Hospital), for this life threatening condition; action that is a Criminal act.

That is not good? I know exactly what it is. That are script attacks probably from Google. I suffered 6 months from it. Are you the only person who has it or are there more? I think it’s a general attack against brave, because isn’t very happy if they can’t control it. When I upload a version of brave try to install it and the scripts are blocked, but remember some scripts lost 3 days and disappear.

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Cheers buddy. That makes some sense of it. It is of course senseless to attempt control of content, as I have said before. It encourages distrust and circumvention eh!

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