Twitter keeps freezing/crashing on Brave/Desktop/Windows


Hi all.

I’m using Brave on Windows 10 notebook. It’s working fine generally, but on it (the tab) keeps freezing from time to time and once in a while it crashes the tab.

Freezing meaning: the page becomes unresponsive, mostly when modals are open.

Crashing meaning: page closes, tab turns into new tab.

I have looked around, but couldn’t find anything on this.
Please tel meif and how I can provide more details.


Brave Version: 0.13.0
Shields: up, https everywhere, fingerprinting protection, block phishing/malware, block 3rdpartycookies, show Brave ads


Do you have steps to reproduce the issue consistently?


Sorry, no. There is no real consistency.
The freezing happens mostly e.g. when I open a tweet with a lot of answers that appears as an overlayand I scroll that overlay. But it happens not every time.
The crashing I couldn’t say. But it only happens when something complcated happens on the page (i.e. overlay, maybe gifs/video, but not neccessarily).

Sorry, can’t be more specific.


Oh, and freezing isn’t permanent. After a while (some seconds, but also up to maybe a minute), the page becomes responsive again.


I see, if you found the steps, please do share them here!



Example for error:

  • scrolling through timeline
  • clicking on tweet, tweet opens as modal/overlay
  • starting to scroll overlay -> page becomes totally unresponsive for a few seconds
  • after that, overlay closes (due to extra mouse interaction during freeze?)
  • some “ghost” scrolling occurs (reacting to that extra mouse interaction?)
  • then closes:
  • page content is new “new tab”, with random background image, most visited, blocking stats and watch;
  • tab header says “about:newtab”;
  • url bar still says “”;
  • the “history forward” button is active and when clicked open twitter

The first part with the unresponsiveness happens fairly often. The next part with the closing of twiiter onyl once in a while.

I hope this makes any kind of sense.


Would you please back up your profile folder, remove it, and see if the same thing happens?

Please have a look at this post to back it up.



Dear suguru,
I removed the profile folder, but this didn’t seem to have any positive effect. Same thing keeps happening.


Trying a little push of this problem after 4 days, because I can barely use the Twitter website on Brave anymore.

It would be great to hear if anyone else experiences this problem or if it’s just me?

The problem: when I click a tweet and a thread opens as an overlay and I start scrolling, the page freezes/becomes unresponsive from a few to tens of seconds. Sometimes it freezes immediately, sometimes after a while of smooth scrolling. It comes and goes while scrolling through the thread.

My setup: Windows 10, Brave 0.13.2, no shields and with shields



Hi @itsrn- I have something you can try

Can you please edit your shortcut and (in the Target field) put this at the end:

(You can edit the shortcut by right clicking + picking properties; let me know if you need more info)


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