Twitter – Closing main window closes all new tweet tabs

Mactinosh user here.

In Twitter, when I cmmd-cilck on a tweet, it opens a new tab with that tweet. My preferred way to read tweets is to cmmd-click every one that I’m interested in from the main page and then close the main Twitter window. I may end up with a half-dozen for later perusal.

When I close tha meain window, all of the tweets in the new tabs close along with it. I just want to close the main window tab, not all of the new ones.

Hi @mbabco,

Thanks for reporting. Is this the similar issue like you encounter?



However on the Mac when I do the right-click equivalent (which is control-click), I’m not given the option to open in a new tab.

I’ve only encountered it on Twitter.

I wonder if it’s related to a twitter problem I reported before. At that time, doing a cmmd-click to open a tweet in a new tab would bring up a blank page (if I’m remembering correctly).

Thanks for getting back to me

@mbabco, I believe I understand the behavior you’re describing, but just to be sure, can you confirm this is an accurate description of steps to reproduce this issue?

  1. Navigate to
  2. Right-click on Tweets --> Open in new tab
  3. On the first tab - where was initially opened - close out this tab

Expected Result: First tab closes, all other twitter tabs remain
Actual Result: All tabs related to Twitter are closed

Actually, it’s on a Macintosh. So the sequesce should be.

  1. Navigate to

  2. Cmmd-click on Tweets –> Open in new tab while remaining at main page

  3. On the first tab - where was initially opened - close out this tab

Note. On the Macintosh the Windows equivalent to Right-click is control-click – which brings up a set of options that do not include opening in a new tab.

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