not working


I tried watching some streamers on and i guess by blocking the adds the content is also blocked somehow so i tried to disable the shields for twitch and now i can see the adds but the content is still a black screen.
tried refreshing the page with the shields off still no result

i also tried watching a streamer that doesnt run adds and he has an interactive hearthstone stream where u can hover over the cards and see the text and that thing works but still over a blackscreen

Twitch streams/videos not loading
Twitch streams not working stopped working with Brave
Having issues with Twitch, won't play video or sound

Confirmed default shield settings do not work on 0.22.810.
Even shields off is showing a black screen.


Thanks for report; we have an issue filed here:


yeah has been blacked out lately. no video or audio.

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Also black screens on all streams on for me, shields down or not.
Tried resetting settings as well, didn’t do anything.
Please fix asap, worked fine 2 days ago.


I started having this problem as well a day ago.


Also having this issue. I’ve been unable to use Brave for Twitch viewing for ~five days now. Have had to use chrome :frowning:


Hi all,

An issue logged here and the team is trying to fix it. Thanks,


Thanks so much, really would love to get back to viewing twitch on Brave.

Loving the browser so far, keep up the great work!


+1s from @WHY and @kriegalex via Having issues with Twitch, won't play video or sound.


Hi @bancsorin10 @ryno @Stroopwafel @Shum @Voendomar @WHY @kriegalex

Just a quick update. Please update your Brave version to 0.23.31. It has a fix for Twitch issue.
Thank you,


yup! got it the day it released. works fine again :slight_smile: Cheers

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