Log in getting blocked on Brave

@sampson This actually fixed the issue. Something seems to be wrong with the current profile I was operating on. Resetting it corrected the issue and iis now working with plugins on Twitch.

FWIW, here is the Github issue tracking this. Other people reporting that resetting settings fixed the issue.

Edit: Settings -> Reset settings also worked for me.

Reset Settings also worked for me too thanks

For anyone still struggling, I came right and I didn’t have to reset my browser. I just:

  1. Went to Twitch and raised the shield
  2. Went to Brave settings and cleared all cache and cookies(brave://settings/clearBrowserData)
  3. Closed the browser
  4. Went back to Twitch and was able to login. I then lowered the shield again because I don’t want to block adverts (content creators should get ad revenue)

It had nothing to do with my extensions because switching them off didn’t solve the issue.

Try uninstalling Brave app. Then reinstall it again. It will just refresh everything…Good Luck

Browser data for twitch specifically or all browser data?

I cleared all browsing data, but I imagine clearing only Twitch data would do the trick.

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Resetting the Setting of brave did the trick
thanks guys

reinstalling Brave and deleting system data totally works, but couldn’t get it to work clearing data within the browser settings

Pressing the ‘reset settings’ button in settings worked for me as well

I’m still having some weird problems with Brave in After settings reset i was able to login and use it normally for a time, but after some time the problem was back and it stop to follow, unfollow, receiving points for time on chat and others functions, when i checked the console the message of “failed integrity check” appeared again, the same i had when i could no login.
After a few tests i managed to solve it deleting the cookies of and, and reload with the brave shields totally disabled. After i could change it to agressive block ads without problems. But the problem appear again after a few hours or even days using it.
I don’t have any glue why this “integrity check” of twitch starts to fail and blocks you. I’m using it on Firefox and i could reproduce the same “failed integrity check” only when i block 3rd party frames using Ublock, and disabling it fixes immediately. But i don’t know if the same happens in Brave, and i don’t know how i could allow and block the exact same thing on Brave.

out of curiosity what do you mean by reset button?

When you go to Settings within Brave, which is brave://settings/ you’ll see an option that says Reset Settings. It puts everything in your settings back to default.

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i’m also having this issue again

In my tests if you keep trackers & ads to standard and Block figerprinting to startdard the integrity check of twitch takes longer to block you. But if u change anything even to disable shields it starts do have integrity check problems fast.

Deleted Twitch cookies, still cant log in.
This is beyond ridiculous.

right now it appears to work in firefox even with ublock, noscript, and pop-up blockers activated – whereas last time this happened i couldn’t log in via other browsers and 3rd parties were having issues on the API

notably i didn’t change anything to alleviate it previously it just went away during the introducition of the bit alternatives making it seem like a botched deploy, but now it appears to be deliberate.

I did the same thing.
However, the problem then is that I need to reset the browser ~ every month, because Twitch automatically log you out every 30 days for security.
Right now, I just settled on using firefox to watch Twitch and use brave for everthing else.

this is the first time i’ve seen this one

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