"Dangerous Site Blocked"

I get the following message when trying to go to

"For your safety, Brave has blocked this site because it is distributing malware or stealing login credentials.

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Brave uses crowdsourced blacklists from Spam404 and to block dangerous domains. If you believe this domain should not be blocked, Please report the site at

You can access this site by clicking the Brave icon in the top right corner and temporarily disabling ‘Block Phishing / Malware’. This is not recommended!"

If I can’t go to Twitch, then I can’t stream or watch streamers…I’ve seen other posters talking about regular sites being blocked. Can this be fixed?

I have been getting this all day. For sites that should not be a problem - Wall Street Journal, ABC News and multiple local TV stations. No rhyme or reason - I have gone to these sites everyday since I started using Brave months ago. Something strange has happened.

@metalshredder @Jimobr which Brave version that you use? Menu > About Brave.

Well, I just followed your instructions, BraveNew. And under this supposed new browse, the problem did not go away.

However, unlike the OP, I did not try and visit I tried visiting The Daily Wire and got this message.

I also tried to visit the aforementioned link,, to bring it to Brave’s attention. However, I was directed to this site instead, as apparently that site-blocking link either does not exist, or is private.

Considering this is happening while I’m trying to access the Daily Wire, I find that HIGHLY suspicious. I STRONGLY suspect there are people working on Brave that just don’t want its users accessing that conservative website, because reasons?

You guys need to investigate this right away and come clean about why you’re blocking the Daily Wire, because I’m highly skeptical of the reason that’s being provided. And, upon conclusion of your investigation, you should be able to explain in detail what sorts of malware distribution or login credential stealing is taking place. I suspect you’ve done zero legwork to investigate yourselves, since in the first paragraph it is mentioned “Brave uses crowdsourced blacklists from Spam404 and to block dangerous domains.” In other words, you have no idea whether or not The Daily Wire is ACTUALLY doing those things, you’re just pre-emptively blocking it because of the whims of two crowdsourced websites.

The potential for abuse and false-reporting with such a method is staggering. Especially since the only way for people to challenge it is denied to them.

Whoever is responsible for that needs to be let go, as soon as possible, on the grounds that they are completely devoid of ethics.

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  1. I never suggested that Brave was blocking Twitch for political reasons; I asserted that Brave was blocking The Daily Wire for political reasons. I have no clue why Brave would be blocking Twitch.
  2. The first words mentioned by the link I provided are literally " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private." The fact that I got into these forums instead strikes me as more of a “were you perhaps looking for one of these topics instead?” redirection. Navigating to the aforementioned URL, I would expect to find myself in a forum dedicated solely to the topic of reporting sites that have been inappropriately blocked. Though I have the ability to discuss this topic in this particular thread, as it is a ‘support and troubleshooting’ threat as opposed to a ‘site blocking’ thread, the impression is that I’m posting in the wrong forum, but this is the only forum that’s even remotely similar enough to discuss that at length.
  3. That we are discussing this is evidence that it is more of an issue than you give it credit.
    Consider: I woke up this afternoon and went to browse a link to The Daily Wire, an action that I’ve been doing weekly for months with no problems. Suddenly, today it’s a problem. The website URL I’m directed to to speak to someone if I believe it’s an error “Does not exist or is private.” So far, things are looking VERY suspicious. But, as luck would have it, there are some suggested forum topics and one lo, one of them is talking about the exact same issue, albeit on a different website. In this thread I learn – from you – that I’m using an out-of-date version of Brave, something that I never would have learned myself since the browser itself did not inform me, nor did it advise me that there’s an update available.
    Now, you were correct, I had the new browser installed, but the old browser was still active when I re-attempted to access the Daily Wire. Closing the old browser and opening the new one fixed the issue. But that being said, I only learned this by happenstance, and not by design. That’s on the Brave developers, not me.
  4. Being right is more important than being liked.

downloaded the newest update and it seems to work now - thanks

The fact that this conversation is even happening is evidence that something went wrong communicating between dev and users.

The browser has diligently informed me whenever a new update is available, which leads one to believe that when they download that update, that they are using the most current, up-to-date version of the software.

Yet here I am, and you’re telling me ‘the version of Brave you’re using is out of date.’ Well, how was I supposed to know?

That’s on you. And in that, I am right.

The Drudge Report links are also being blocked - no rhyme or reason except political. If BRAVE engages in the kind of censorship that FB, Google, and other social media it’ll be all but useless. This will likely continue until BRAVE stops using crowdsourced blacklists.

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Brave can continue to deny this all they want. But the fact is, for the first time ever, I can’t watch a news clip on Dangerous site blocked? Don’t give me that load of you-know-what about updating the browser. This is censorship. Something has happened at Brave - the browser I switched to because it was supposed to be ‘conservative-friendly.’ Deny Deny Deny - guess what - that’s exactly what a censor-happy-alt-left-liberal would do. Lie all you want. You are intentionally blocking content. I’m done with you.

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