Twitch no longer works on Braves

I didn’t quite understand why.
When I use chrome for watch twitch, everything works, but since this morning when I use braves that make me "An error has occured “Erreur 2000"”

Anyone with the solution, what to do?


Try in private window mode, no extensions. @Zodiaquue

I started having the same error with Twitch this morning as well. Private mode does work but thats not really a solution…

I tried disabling plugins and brave shield, clearing cookies but the error still occurs.

edit: I disabled all extensions again, cleared cookies/cache again, re-enabled extensions and that seemed to work for some reason

Thank you very much, it ended up working. I think there were issues with twitch, especially because of the leaks. Thank you agin !

On a update to twitch, we’re updating our uBO twitch scripts to stop twitch video ads. (over the next 3days)

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