Twitch is blocked


Whenever I try to open twitch it loads then says it is distributing malware or stealing login credentials.

How to reproduce
just trying to open it blocks it

What happens

Expected result:
To open twitch

it happens everytime on version 0.25.304 on mac

Unblock: twitch

I posted on the original thread, so here’s a slightly different version.

The site is blocked because you’re using the old Muon based Brave and support for that stopped some time after the switch to the new Chromium-based Brave, which is so different that you can’t autoupdate to it. Downloading/installing from and importing your stuff should do the trick.

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Open it with StartPage.
Don’t use the Google Search directly, Google is network research company, they track every keyword entered. (Brave actually uses DuckDuckGo as the search engine in the Private Tabs now.)


I did but when you refresh the page it goes to Google for like half a second it does the same thing


The download/install should fix it. I put a link to an informational post here:

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