Twitch chat wont work in newest update (As of the posting of this thread)


Hello, im currently using the latest Brave Browser update, I just updated today

I noticed immediately after updating that I could no longer see people posting in Twitch Chat and could no longer chat in those chats. When I type a message and send it, it doesnt even show up anymore, it was working perfectly before I updated even 5 mins before.

I love Brave Browser so far and wish to continue using it as much as possible please look into this bug and fix it as fast as possible.

Twitch chat not connecting

this might be duplicate of WebSockets connection issue on Bitfinex and pinned tab issue

please try with the next release.


hey guys i just updated to the newest update and now Twitchchat is working! Also noticed other bugs are missing. Glad to be using Brave.

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Love to hear that :smile: