Tweetdeck looping on logon page

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Description of the issue:
Since the 1.5.131 on Android, the Tweetdeck account logon page loops.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Try logging onto Tweetdeck - requires a Twitter account

Expected result:
Should be able to login.
Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
One plus 6
Additional Information:

Oxygen 10.3.2 patched to Feb 2020.

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Testing on my One Plus 6, if I login via, it’ll send me to the login page then just open the twitter App.

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Not here. If I hit log in, I get the blue screen as the login page attempts to load. It never gets there, and the page displaying logon button is displayed again.

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Do you have a twitter app installed?

No, just access via a browser. Same on iPad, which is still working fine.

I have discovered by going to, that I was already logged in, so that it is Tweetdeck main page that is not loading. If I logout of, I can actually login via Tweetdeck, but the main Tweetdeck page still does not load and throws me back to the page with the logon button. I know that the logon is successful as I can confirm that via visiting mobile

This has not been an issue prior to the recent upgrade.

I uninstalled twitter, and went to this just forwarded me to for logins Could possible serverside issue, I’m getting it Chrome also.

Tweetdeck is a twitter product, and so does forward to Twitter for authentication. “Normally” it just goes straight to Tweetdeck after logging in. I don’t have the Chrome browser any more, but it’s fine in either Firefox Focus or Ghostery browsers, also fine in Brave on my iPad. I prefer Brave on all platforms, and Tweetdeck has worked perfectly for several years until now.
Many thanks for your assistance, I do appreciate it.

#correct mate. you had made the solution.

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