TV box anrdoid - device not compatible for ads

Description of the issue:
I have an android 9 tv box T95 Max. when installing Brave and going through the setup, Brave reports that the device is not compaitible for ads. All Android settings are set for UK. I live in the UK. Brave ads are swicthed on, sheild is red. TV box build is X3B_1119_1
TVbox T95 MAX; Android 9; tvbox build/PPR1.180610.011

Interestingly some Google apps also had a few problems around updates that didn’t exist, but once reported they were fixed.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. reinstall app

Expected result:
Incompatibility removed; ads working

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Android 9; tvbox build/PPR1.180610.011

Mobile Device details
TVbox T95 MAX; Android 9; tvbox build/PPR1.180610.011

Additional Information:

I’m pretty sure because it’s doesn’t support notification which is important for Brave Ads as ads is appears and use system notification.