TV Ads when watching shows

Hi all i was just curious when watching a tv series via online free to air channels i get ads playing from 1 to 4 tv ads when i wat tv shows on channel 10 9now but
7plus is fine but all the others its only those others i mentioned above that i get the ads on any ideas on how to stop

anyone? i’ve had this issue for quite some time now

From NZ, not easy to test. But not all video ads are the same. 9now is stitching ads into the content.

oh that i didn’t know

is anyone also experiencing YouTube ads on the videos I’ve also updated my OS to windows 10 21h1 could that be also another issue

  1. Clearing Cache, cookies, disable all extensions,
  2. brave://net-internals/#dnsClear host cache
  3. brave://net-internals/#sockets → Select Close idle sockets, and click Flush socket pools
  4. Subscribe to Fanboy Annoyance List in brave://adblock (has some YT test filters)
  5. Retest

thanks with all AdBlock lists listed what do u recommend have active, still getting ads tho

Maybe restest in new Brave profile, download Brave Beta from and test youtube with no extensions. See if new profile helps @Darkside

ive restarted but not gonna set new profile will lose my bat

Brave Beta and Brave release create seperate profiles, they won’t affect each other. won’t lose BAT, just a test in a completely new profile

sent a msg in PM so when u get chance are u able to look

just an update @Fanboynz i was watching usual shows n i did notice any ads on stable edition

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