Turning off Shields when a site won't work

Hi there. I am new to Brave. Someone I read about who is into online security recommended using this browser. Now if I turn Shields off because a site won’t work with it on, does that mean I will be tracked by that site? I use a vpn that I installed on my computer, but I still want to never be tracked. What do you think?

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Yes, until you turn Shields on again.

The VPN changes your public IP address and might use some DNS lists to block malicious/tracking hosts, but on the whole it can’t stop websites from tracking you altogether.
If you come across a website that doesn’t work with Shields, you should turn off Shields and report the URL to Brave’s developers (by clicking the red button): they will take care of the issue, which will be fixed (if possible) in the following release of Brave.

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