Turning off BAT

I have Brave on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. I’d like to know where the BAT slider is so that I can turn it off. For some reason, the BAT just showed up. I want to turn it off. Where can I do that?

Menu --> Settings --> Appearance --> Hide BR icon


That path you gave IS NOT present on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 . . . i.e. there is NO “Appearance” item.

Just to make sure, I opened every menu item on my machine . . . no joy.

Soooooo . . . the question again: Where is the BAT shutoff/slider located?


Can you tell me what Android version you’re using?
Additionally, if you don’t mind, could you share a screen shot of your Settings menu as it’s displayed on your end?


Android version: 7.0

Settings menu screenshots:

Am struggling with screenshots . . . have image hosting site, but it’s been a while since I’ve done this. Some instructions might help.

In the meantime, here’s a text listing of the Settings menu:

  • Connections

  • Sound

  • Notifications

  • Display

  • Wallpaper

  • Advanced features

  • Device maintenance

  • Apps

  • Lock screen and security

  • Cloud and accounts

  • Google

  • Accessibility

  • General management

  • Software update

  • About tablet

  • Developer options

As I said before, have opened each one of these items and looked for BAT shutdown/slider . . . no joy.

Thanks for your help so far.

Any ideas?

You can copy and paste images directly into the chat.
Additionally, I was referring to your Brave settings.
Launch Brave, open the main menu --> Settings


Got it!!!


Is there a way to mark these things “SOLVED”?

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The menu button circled expands to show additional menu options, including the “Solved” checkbox.
Checked on your behalf. :slight_smile:


Kewl . . . now I know how that works.

And thanks for marking it “on my behalf”.

BTW, a discussion site (RepublicanOperative) was using vBulletin board software and got a bunch of malware invasions (including a DDos). A new owner switched to the board software you’re using here . . . which is apparently more secure. It’s more difficult to learn . . . especially for those accustomed to vBul . . . but worth the effort. The “old” RO users complained that this “new” board software was a PITA. Many left because of it, but a few of us stuck it out. I’m STILL learning how it works.

There should have been a “welcome tour” when you joined that walks you through some of the basics of Discourse but I had planned on writing a bit of a “guide” on how to use our Community but have been busy with more pressing issues.

That said I appreciate you reminding me that this needs to be done – I’ll see what I can get worked up soon.