Turn On Vertical Tabs

I’m a lefty :slightly_smiling_face: But will use either side.

I really hope they implement this feature. But they likely won’t.

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Same here, I’d gladly switch to Brave if vertical tabs were implemented in a similar way. Initially, I wasn’t even interested on Edge, but after playing around with the UI and realizing how much more efficient and usable they could be made, I can’t switch back.


It doesn’t get rid of the top bar. One of the main appeals of Edge’s implementation is efficient use of screen real-estate—the vertical tabs become icons but stay easily visible and not over-crowded (and scroll if things do get crowded), and the horizontal tabs and title bar are gone. The result is a clean, efficient UI that maximizes the amount of the window actually being used to view content.

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Well, for one thing, you’ve got the tabs on your screen twice. As this is a way make screen space more efficient, it’s a non-starter.

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Well, in my case, my latop screen is not big, so vertical tabs is a no-no by now (same for my Vivaldi settings) I know bigger laptop screens would have vertical tabs as a sweet feature, but not now for me.

I used to love Brave browser for security features… but I love Vivaldi more because of the feature it provides… one of them is tab placement. I would love to use Brave browser if I could get feature rich experience same as Vivaldi.

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Brave: “Let’s make the fusion, Vivaldi!”
And so a new warrior appears; Bravaldi.

i would love to have the vertical tab option in brave , and if we could choose which side ourselves that would be awesome.
please add vertical tabs option to your new update . thank you

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Would LOVE to see this natively done in Brave. I think it would definitely be a hit. I know so many people that get bogged down in tabs. Being able to securely categorize them in a more useful way, would be fantastic!