Turn On Vertical Tabs

I’m a lefty :slightly_smiling_face: But will use either side.

I really hope they implement this feature. But they likely won’t.

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Same here, I’d gladly switch to Brave if vertical tabs were implemented in a similar way. Initially, I wasn’t even interested on Edge, but after playing around with the UI and realizing how much more efficient and usable they could be made, I can’t switch back.


It doesn’t get rid of the top bar. One of the main appeals of Edge’s implementation is efficient use of screen real-estate—the vertical tabs become icons but stay easily visible and not over-crowded (and scroll if things do get crowded), and the horizontal tabs and title bar are gone. The result is a clean, efficient UI that maximizes the amount of the window actually being used to view content.

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Well, for one thing, you’ve got the tabs on your screen twice. As this is a way make screen space more efficient, it’s a non-starter.

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Well, in my case, my latop screen is not big, so vertical tabs is a no-no by now (same for my Vivaldi settings) I know bigger laptop screens would have vertical tabs as a sweet feature, but not now for me.

I used to love Brave browser for security features… but I love Vivaldi more because of the feature it provides… one of them is tab placement. I would love to use Brave browser if I could get feature rich experience same as Vivaldi.

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Brave: “Let’s make the fusion, Vivaldi!”
And so a new warrior appears; Bravaldi.

i would love to have the vertical tab option in brave , and if we could choose which side ourselves that would be awesome.
please add vertical tabs option to your new update . thank you

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Would LOVE to see this natively done in Brave. I think it would definitely be a hit. I know so many people that get bogged down in tabs. Being able to securely categorize them in a more useful way, would be fantastic!

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+1 I love the vertical tabs feature in Edge. Would love to see it in Brave.

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+1. This is the reason I’m still sticking to Edge instead of committing fully to Brave.


Please make Brave in modern looking including Vertical Tab on the next version on Brave.

Thanking you.

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Like Firefox or Vivaldi’s side panel, you can switch it to right or left side, can check tabs, bookmarks and historial (Vivaldi adds downloads)…
Imagine all Brave’s privacy settings and all Vivaldi’s customization in one browser!!!

I would only switch to brave if it has vertical tabs.

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I’m not switching to Brave unless it has this feature.

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Thanks for the link. I see they keep moving it back and forth from in progress.
Does anyone know if replying on this thread affects how things are prioritized?

In case it does, I’ll bump this as well.

I agree with others; We should have the option to move the tabs from the top to the side (as edge does). Maybe even have them be hidden unless you mouse over it?

Having the tabs on the side is the better layout for me and I find it to be a more efficient use of screen space.

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reading list would have been a nice panel to implement side tabs… but I own a very small laptop so that feature would eat vital space on my screen.

Up for this Request please. Can please make it like Edge Vertical Tab feature

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