Turn off Brave feature offer notifications

Brave has started popping up windows pitching features Brave and other presumably paid partners are selling, like VPN, and some company’s insurance…the very sort of cr*p I have Brave installed to block. How do I turn off this Brave spam?

OK, I figured out how to “solve” my own problem tho the solution is less than satisfactory. When a notification for “Insurity” (spam/advertising for sure) popped up, I clicked on the elipses (three dots) and saw I could control my notifications. They were already set to notify on high priority notifications only. So apparently Brave considers paid advertising as high priority. My solution is only to turn off all notifications, not a great result. Thanks Brave.

You’re seeing Brave Private ads. You can disable them by disabling (or never enabling to begin with) Brave Rewards, or by going to brave://rewards/ and toggling the options here “off” (note that you can also hit the Reset button at the top to reset Rewards settings entirely, which will allow you to use the browser as if they’d never been enabled to begin with).

Thank you.

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