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I started using Brave but an internal website that provides our photos when we use it, is now blocked and we are shown as anonymous. I realize this is the purpose of Brave, but is there a way to turn off Anonymous browsing for a specific website?
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Turn off Anonymous by website
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Hi @Rolleiman, Welcome to Community!
I’m not too sure what you mean by ‘Anonymous browsing’ but can you try the site again but with either Shields disabled or ‘all cookies allowed’ enabled?

Thank you. Tried shields down and accept all cookies but still I am seen as anonymous. Granted this is what Brave is for, but I was hoping for some situations there would be a toggle. I need to be seen as “me” for internal websites and not as anonymous. Guess I have to use Chrome internally and Brave for all else.

Can you elaborate a bit on what you mean when you say “anonymous”? What exactly detects and reports “anonymity” on your site?

Sure. It’s a conference website. When I log into my conference it shows my name and my photo. When I log into other peoples conference it looks to pull my ID and photo from a corporate website. Instead I am shown as anonymous.

This is a tough one since I can’t directly test the sites behavior. What @Aa-ron suggested is relevant, since you mentioned “pull my ID and photo from a corporate website” – this implies that the conferencing website is attempting to access “cross-site” data, which can often be blocked by Shields not allowing cross-site traffic.

I’m wondering if you maybe need to allow cross-site cookies on both sites? Can you try

  1. Going to the video conferencing website, open you Shields panel in the address bar, turn Shields = “Up” and change cookie control to Allow all cookies.
  2. After that, go to your corporate website where I assume there is a login of some kind – configure your shields for this site the same way you did in the one above, then login to the site.

Now see if you get the correct results during video conferencing.

I lower Shields, allowed cookies, same results.
Will have to try lowering shields for all corp websites and see what happens.

Solved. Allowed cookies. signed in another way (Single Sgn On) and now I am not anonymous. Whew! Thank you all for your help.

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Excellent work! Glad we were able to get that sorted for you – although you did most of the work! :fist_right: :fist_left:

Marking this thread as solved – please don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any further questions or concerns!