Trying to measure total Brave BAT reward distributions

Hi all, I’m trying to quantify the BAT rewards distributed to users of the Brave browser for “all time” - which I’m not clear but I think is since October 2018, or April 2019 - for some research I’m undertaking. I want to accurately illustrate the scale of this kind of reward distribution at this early stage, and the velocity of adoption from month to month. To do this I want to calculate:

  • How many “reward distribution transactions” have been made
  • The total in BAT that has been distributed
  • The median transaction amount
  • The number of users/wallets that have received at least one reward payment

Ideal scenario would be if I could access the transactions, but I’d settle for the metrics above if they exist. I’ve been looking at wallet 0x340d693ed55d7ba167d184ea76ea2fd092a35bdc as a potential reward distribution wallet, but I gather some of these transactions occur off-chain, so I’m not sure how that works.

Any guidance or help with the above would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @JPublic,

Welcome to community, and thanks for your post!

This isn’t an official Brave site but has lots of useful metrics that you might find helpful -

Thanks so much for the warm welcome and quick response @steeven , I’ll check that out today and let you know how I go :slight_smile: