Trying to install Diigo bookmark software. having problems:


I don’t see a Diigo extension available. Does the Chrome Diigo extension work?

i also tried the Diigolet and it seems to work, but when I save it (grayed out) nothing happens.

Can you clear up how to use it and can you create a Diigo Bookmark software extension for your great browser?


Add to Brave

Chrome extensions are not working in brave from the webstore at this point :wink:


ok, then does diigolet (works for any browser) work for the time being? I tried it and it doesn’t. Can you try it?


How are you trying to install it?


Aer you doing it this way, it is the only way at the moment :wink:


I dnlded it from diigo and installed it.


so dnlding the diigolet app from diigo that is supposed to work with any browser doesn’t work?



and as long as I have your eyeballs on a different subject: Is there any way you can make Brave work with separate instances of Brave so I don’t have to have Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Brave open in order to keep 3 different gmail accounts open? That would be a hot setup!!! and a big reason to use Brave only!!!



You can use session tabs for that :wink:
Rightclick on the little “+” where you make a new tab and you will see a menu where you can open new session tabs.
Each new session is like a totally different browser within the same browser :wink: That means that session 1 will allways use gmail account 1, session 2 will be logged in to another and so on :blush:


I tested the tool by draging it in to the bookmarks bar, it works in Chrome but not in brave…


oh fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!!! thx! love Brave!


when will Brave work with Diigo? are you working on it?


Just to make things straight:
I am no developer and I don’t work for Brave but I am a mini moderator on the community and I love Brave :lion: @clifton it is an extension that you add like a bookmark to the bookmarks toolbar and it launches some kind of java script or something, my guess is that it is blocked because it might be a safety issue in some cases when a bookmark can load java script :thinking: @clifton didn’t really know who to tag but I tagged you because you know a bit of everything :wink:


I’m just a happy Brave user trying to use Brave to replace chrome, firebox, and internet explorer. Is there any way to access google drive or google drive thru Brave without loading chrome?


Google drive works in every browser :wink:


i tried it it comes up but with no db that exists in Chrome, so can’t do that. but thx!

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