Trying To Get This Fixed

Ok, Again I have the same problem for over 6 months now UH OH message. I have contacted Uphold and they tell me my brave account is not connected but I have run through the entire process and received the brave is now connected to my Uphold account but still nothing. They told me to contact brave support. Here I am again with still NO HELP! This UH OH message will only go away if I open 2 windows at a time. It will still not show on one of the tabs but the other it shows only for a few seconds and then disappears again. Whats up with this? Can anyone help me out here.

Hi @stevep - that’s super frustrating. Other’s have reported this same issue and one thing has has fixed it for some is Disconnecting, and then Reconnecting their Uphold wallet to the Browser. Can you confirm that you’re on the latest version of Brave?

Thanks in advance!


I am not sure what version I am on but I have completely uninstalled brave and then installed it again today so I am probably on the latest version.

How do I disconnect Uphold from my browser?

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