Trying to enable rewards in chrome://flags, but button does not exist

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The reward is now prebaked into the application.

Or visit chrome://rewards/

Thank you for the response. I do see this enabled in appearance, but, according to airdrop information, there are monthly rewards available to claim. I do not see this option when I click on the triangle in upper right corner.

@CryptoTim what airdrop information? please beware of scams Brave doesn’t do airdrop and don’t require you to pay any funds to a crypto account. Brave gives grants and they aren’t on any specific timeline

This is a screenshot of an airdrop from It claims to represent Basic Attention Token. I do try to be very cognizant of scams as phishing has become a huge industry. If this is a scam, I will surely avoid it.

Thank you so much for your help!

it is factually incorrect. Brave truly does give grant but not in the manner they speak of. it is random and it is not targeted to newusers and not every 30 days . Brave releases grant at their own wimp not on some public scheduled timetable and not periodic. To the best of my knowledge Grants would soon be fazed out as Ads support become more accepted.

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Many thanks again! Have a great weekend! :grin:

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