Trying to create a folder in favorites crashes Brave


I downloaded and installed Brave, added _mysite to favorites.
Then tried to add a new folder, and Brave crashed. Bookmark folder was not created.
Retried several times , same thing.

IOS, 11.3, iPhone 7, Brave Version 1.5.6


Thanks for reporting @Coreman,

There’s an issue logged for this here



I am sorry, I am new here. What should I do next, and what CAN I do more?


Hi @Coreman,

Unfortunately there’s no much you can do. We’re planning on fixing the above issue in 1.6 which should be coming down the pipeline relatively soon.

As Brave is an open source organization, you can always help the iOS team if you have any development experience. Here’s a good list of Good First Bugs that you can take a look at:

Hopefully we’ll get 1.6 out the door sooner than later!

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