Trying out Brave but finding it is buggy


My g-daughter told me to try Brave as it is faster and ad free. I have d/l it and used it about a week. It is faster but I find it is buggy. On on common work/gig site when opening another tab I keep getting a blank screen with a frowny faced icon that indicates a bad site or page. I don’t have this issue with Chrome or Firefox. On Craigslist if I click on the replay button to get the email or phone number it gives me a “something went wrong” message. Open Chrome and insert same url and it works fine. Other sites when I tried making payment for something it did not work. Had to open Chrome to complete. I guess this browser is a work in progress but too buggy for my needs. I’ll try back later to see if it has gotten better.


Welcome to the Community,@Alanja!

Thank you for trying Brave! Your assumption about Brave being a work in progress is quite accurate. The team is working very hard to fix issues and add features to the browser and we are aware of many of the bugs surrounding the current live version - including the ones you cited.

We are still in pre-release phases of development, with our eventual goal being the release of Brave 1.0. Once it is out, you can expect several issue you and other users have been experiencing, support for your favorite extensions, Brave Sync, implementation of the Brave opt-in ads reward system, and much more!

To stay up to date, you can follow us on Twitter, check announcements on our blog, and course check in here on the Community website:
Official Brave Twitter:
Offical Support Twitter:
Brave Blog:

We hope to see you again :slight_smile:


are you sure you are using the latest version!
becasue i once never knew about brave and when i started using it
i really liked it , now its like a year now i have been using it sir, i have no issues
if you get any issues you can create a thread ! brave moderaters are very fast in giving a response
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