Trying Brave - Feedback


Trying Brave for (maybe?) the first time and have some feedback.

  • uBlock Origin has options to block all popups and to disable “cosmetic” blocking - I use both of these a lot.
  • Figuring out where to change the default blocking of Javascript was a pain as I kept ending up on a page where I couldn’t change the settings.
  • Brave has issues with LastPass and that’s really not good for me. Specifically it keeps logging me out and making me re-authenticate again. It also didn’t save the password when I registered for this forum so I got to immediately do a password reset.


Hi there :smile:

ublock origin has been request for a while still it is not sure if and how we implement that as we have our adblocker by default (cosmetic blocking is planned).

To change the default JavaScript setting, please go to about:preferences#shields.

Currently we’re slowly but surely moving to the next big release, 0.20.x series. If you have some time, please try this:

Thanks for your feedback :wink:

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