Trying Brave Again can i not resync with my old account

Hello Guys
I used Brave for about 18 months and then decided to give Edge a try.
I have re downloaded it but i seem to have lost all my wallet money!!!
I have tried to restore and added my phrase from my password manager but says not recognised but i know it is correct?
Is there any way i can get back my old setup ?

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also situation but i think old words not working now. moreover, I think that all the ads that I am currently watching, more than 1000, will also go in favor of brave, because I live where uphold and gemini do not work, I simply cannot get an id in this system due to bureaucracy. i have an id in binance but the brave don’t want or can’t agree with binance, I think they don’t want to do additional synchronization with this exchange, so this whole project is a very sad story for me and I don’t see options to compensate for the effort and time spent on this project . I just don’t know why I use. I don’t want video chat, I don’t want vpn and search, for some big money, but only brave has been doing this lately and it’s all not for people like me.

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