TRX and XMR options


as i see no progress neither updates or anything related to the current situation with uphold and bat managment
i was thinking about giving a feedback
and no, is not negative as is requested by please be constructive

ok, what about integration of other tokens like tron or monero?
well after all monero is a bit expensive maybe tron token is better option, im not saying to fade bat, i like a coin ETH bassed but i see no other option as things is taking a lot of time and as ‘‘user’’ i dont like to waste my time and even less when is related to a posible income
TRX can be frozen to get TRON Power and activate additional functions. For example, with TRON Power you can vote for Super Representatives. You can also gain bandwidth or energy.

is just a suggestion/feedback
post something POSITIVE related
do not spam or ban without any reason or allegance of not constructive
because im trying to figure out a SOLUTION for this
i wasted time searching and reading about other cryptocoins and lately my resolution falls on those 2

for monero i cant say much im just mining it because is the only i can do with my i7 and radeon 7600m that actually doesnt mine at all as is old gpu, only cpu mining
btw is an open-source coin so… bat is actually from the creator of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla and project is an open-source

so guess well… wont be good to integrate open source partner ?

TRX is quite cheap atm i think it could be good for the community as ppl complains a lot about payments etc etc
why not ? we can get TRX instead BAT or designate some conversion after all convert BAT to TRX and designation of reward to site or else

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