Troyano JS/Chromex.Agent.BZ solo en brave

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Description of the issue: today June 13, 2023 it happens that every time I open the brave browser I get a message from my antivirus that it has blocked a trojan called: JS/Chromex.Agent.BZ , it only appears when I open brave, with the other browsers there is no problem, but when I open brave I get that trojan, what is it due to?

hoy 13 de junio de 2023 sucede que cada vez que abro el navegador de brave me sale un mensaje de mi antivirus que ha bloqueado un troyano llamado: JS/Chromex.Agent.BZ , solo aparece cuando abro brave, con los otros navegadores no hay problema, pero cuando abro brave me sale ese troyano a que se debe?

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@miguelm Before I go to answer, I want to say it’s important to provide information requested. Like you chose not to advise which OS and version of Brave you’re using. This can be important in people checking things out. Another thing to ask would be if you downloaded Brave from or if you got it from somewhere else?

Another thing that can be important is to know which antivirus you’re using. For example, are you using eset security?

The main thing I’d do is make sure to do a deep scan on your device. You may need to try another program, such as Malwarebytes to see if it might find something. Or you can even use Windows Defender as a secondary.

amenaza delete

if you download it from the official page of brave

@miguelm ok, so you do use eset internet security. Please see the link I provided earlier that goes to their site. You may want to submit to them as well. From what they are sharing, it seems to be a false detection type of thing through them.

I’ll tag @Mattches here as well in case he has anything to add to this. But I think overall you need to speak to support from your antivirus program.

@Saoiray is correct here — as long as you downloaded the install file from the official download page, there is nothing malicious contained within and you’ll need to add an exception for it in your AV and also maybe reach out to the vendor and let them know that it is reporting a false positive for Brave (I will also submit this report on my end).

The problem was that I installed an extension that was damaged, deleted it and now I don’t get the same problem again