Troubles with Download of Files, CSV, Excel, PDF

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Within a user account access at my employer’s website, where 95% of my Brave use occurs, it is proven to be repeatedly a problem with Brave accepting or completing downloads of reports and files from our website. This is for file types CSV, Excel, and PDF. I am trying to replace all other browsers here, as part of the IT team, and this download issue is looking to be a deal killer.
  2. Enable clean downloads of files sizes nearly 100 meg in size, and likely poorly constructed files - at that.
  3. See Agent Log-in at bottom of Site Map. This is where 95% of work occurs for our teams.

Expected result: File downloads without hassle or failures

Brave Version( check About Brave): Release Notes V1.20.108 (Feb 19, 2021)

Additional Information: This styled of downloading has worked with out issue on FireFox and Chrome - whom I am seeking to displace…

Hi @AvatarKevin, Welcome to Community!
Does this download issue only happen at or any site where you download something?

Is there an issue with every download or only a few?

I continued testing this, and the issue has only presented on the company website I use and mentioned to you. Appears to be a limited issue.

Have you tried downloads with Shields down?

I have, yes. Thanks for the question.

Do you have any extensions installed?



Adobe Acrobat

Google Translate

LastPass: Free Password Manager

Malwarebytes Browser Guard

I have been directed to stop installing Brave in our company, mainly due to this download problem – unfortunately. We are moving from a company server, to an AWS cloud server for our same system I earlier had download issues on. I will update this once I have downloaded huge files again, to learn if the Brave Browser is still not performing in this area.

You all will need to get some article printed in CEO mag, or similar C suite mag, to get the nose harness pulled harder.



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