Trouble with uphold wallet links


I’ve been using brave for quite a while now and I just learned that there is a limited possible number of wallet connections to uphold. The thing is that I seem to have already used the 4 allowed connections.

I just got a new computer so I am not going to need the wallet of the old one to be linked with uphold but I would like to link it to the new one. Is there any way to solve this problem or will I just not be able to link the wallet of the new computer ?


Thank you very much for the anser, I will look into it right away

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I might use your help too. I don’t get this methods sorry about that upfront. I forgot everything about the Brave I was using last year. today I setup and new one and I want to use my old Uphold account but it says you reach the limit. I can’t get the old account and can’t found it in any notes :frowning: What should I do, who am I going to contact with please help.

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